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Death Knight
Glyph of Disease bug – Icy Talons not active after a disease refresh
The intent is that the Glyph of Disease counts as Frost Fever for the purposes of activating Icy Talons. The issue you describe is a technical limitation which prevents it from working this way. It’s something we definitely want to fix, though I don’t have a time frame to provide at the moment for when this fix will occur. (Source)

So Zarhym reassures us that this bug will be fixed somewhere in the future, however, since he mentions the words “technical limitation”, this might be more than a simple hotfix-able bug. The words “more scripting required” pop into my head as this issue requires some more coding from Blizzard’s part.

This is important because people that have invested points in Imp. Icy Talons will have to sacrifice some of their dps in order to keep buffing the raid by re-applying Frost Fever and ruining a rotation.