I decided to make a post to clear it up for some (if not most) people, the changes that Icecrown Radiance brings to the game. It’s a little late, yes, but people still don’t seem to be getting it.

So, quick facts:

  • this has happened before; in TBC, Sunwell Plateau received almost the same debuff, called Sunwell Radiance. You can find it here. This led to a lot of re-gemming, re-enchanting, crying and wipes before people started stacking stamina. Blizzard said that this won’t happen with WotLK. The irony…she stings!
  • the reason for this reduction came so that healers would have an easier life in ICC. Basically, the idea was “rather than having a 50% change of getting hit for 25k, you now have a 70% chance of getting hit for 10k”.
  • the reduction happens AFTER diminishing returns. This has been clarified by Ghostcrawler here.
  • having less of it doesn’t make it a bad stat, it makes it a desired stat. Using trinkets like this one or this one is good one some fights, but only those with more or only physical damage. I wouldn’t advise you to stack them however.
  • you still have 20% less dodge inside Icecrown. That’s why the new FOTM stats become stamina and armor. But with an accent on stamina. Seeing as how just a few bosses in Icecrown do pure physical damage, the effectiveness of armor is reduced when Lady Deathwhisper is throwing Frostbolts at you for 25k damage. And yes, those are interruptible.
  • The Icecrown Radiance affects Death Knights more than Paladins or Warriors, but less than Druids (fortunately). This is why we will take more overall damage than shield classes and why they will be the preffered tanks in most encounters.

I hope this has helped some confused souls.